14- Maintaining Unity in Your Worship Team

Maintaining Unity of the Worship Team is one of the most important aspects of leading a worship team.

Why is Maintaining Unity So Important?

Unity is commonly attacked by the enemy in every area of Christian ministry. And in a worship team, you probably already know that this is not so easy to maintain.

Every time you put talented, strong-willed people together, you will get some differences of opinion. It is how we manage those differences which can result in disunity or unity… the choice is yours!

The Bible says in Psalm 133:1-3…

How good and pleasant it is
    when God’s people live together in unity!

It is like precious oil poured on the head,
    running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
    down on the collar of his robe.
It is as if the dew of Hermon
    were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing,
    even life forevermore.

Unity does not mean that you all agree on everything. How many of you know this pretty much never happens.  But unity is when you can agree to disagree agreeably.

If you do not have unity in your team, then your effectiveness in worship leading will be affected.  This is because unity is more than just not having conflict, it is at the very core of your ability to lead worship.

This exciting podcast is 12 minutes that you can invest into maintaining unity in your worship team, and it could be one of the most important messages you will hear this year! I am not exaggerating when I say that unity, or lack of unity, is one of the most common flaws in worship team leading.

So settle back and listen to this podcast, and find ways you can maintain unity in your worship team


13- How to Resurrect a Great Song

Learning how to resurrect a great song is a skill we should all have in worship leading.

Resurrect a Great Song

As we discussed last week on the pod, so many churches kill off great songs, mainly by flogging them to death. We take a perfectly good song and ruin it, and then throw it on the scrap heap of worship life.

There are so many really good songs that we have simply discarded because they were flogged to death by worship leaders.  Songs like Shout to the Lord and Shine Jesus Shine, which were good in their day, have been more or less abandoned. Even if a song was once a great song, many people are just over them today.

So is there any hope for these songs? Picture this… we take one of these once loved tunes and we give it a different style, a different feel, perhaps we start it a fresh and new way, or make an acapella version of it.

There are loads of ways you can breath new life into a once great song, and that’s exactly what the guys discuss in this pod.  They will share new, innovative ideas that will allow you, and your congregation, to rediscover anew the beauty and wonder of songs that were once loved but have fallen into disrepute.   Simple ideas and technique could make all of the difference as you rediscover the awesomeness of some songs you might have thought gone forever!

In this podcast, Darin and Erick take 12 minutes to discuss how you can resurrect those seemingly destroyed songs. This is a great podcast to head into Easter with… The theme of resurrection!


12- How to Kill a Great Song

Most worship leaders do not set out to kill a great song…

But sadly, many do kill a great song!  Let’s face it, there are loads of wonderful songs in our churches, from the hymns of old right through to the latest hits, but we don’t always do them justice when we play and sing them in our worship.

We might sing of our crucified Lord, but sometimes we crucify the song in the arrangement and feel that we give it!

So, in this slightly tongue in cheek and funny podcast, we are going to look at the top five ways you can kill a perfectly decent song, and we will do it all in just 12 minutes.

That’s right, we have actually sat down and thought about how we could kill a great song, ways in which we can make this song, however great it is, into the one that makes our congregation roll their eyes when we start it!  And if you do what we suggest, you should be able to take any perfectly good and wonderful song and ruin it for your congregation.  Whether it is overplaying it to death, pitching it too high or some other classic mistake, this is not only a lot of fun but it is a great podcast with practical applications for many of us worship leaders.

The hope, of course, is that you will then reverse engineer this and not kill great songs… So we are not advocating actually doing the things we suggest, but rather that you learn how not to do these things… so we can keep great songs as what they are… great songs!

And don’t forget, you can learn all about how to arrange songs to make them great by joining our Worship Leader Academy.  It includes loads of fun, practical and easy to apply tips that will take your worship leading to a higher level, in just a few short months.  Join the academy, and you will never kill a great song again!

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11- What is Your Worship Style?

So, what is your worship style?

Is it something from another generation, or are you trying to emulate some other worship leader?  Is it a style unique to you and your church, or are you trying to sound like your favourite band?  The way you present your worship plays a key part in how comfortable people are entering into a closer and deeper fellowship with the Lord.

The style of your worship is often dictated by the style of your congregation.  Imagine leading worship with just an organ at a youth meeting, or on the flip side, imagine leading worship at a senior’s meeting with a heavy metal band!

The thing is, as the worship leader, you have a unique opportunity to develop your own style of worship, the kind of music that attracts people and opens their hearts to the gospel, and allows them to go deeper with God.

However, many worship leaders simply try and transport what some famous worship leader on YouTube is doing into their local church, and this can lead to really discouraging results.  We should not be just trying to imitate someone else, but be seeking the Lord for our own, unique style of worship that not only suits us, but more importantly suits our congregation and church leadership.

This podcast asks the big questions about the way you lead your team and your congregation, and it will be invaluable for those seeking a unique and beautiful way of leading worship.  As you listen open your heart and hear from the Lord as to the best way you can establish a style of music and presentation that captures the hearts of your people, and allows a more intimate level of worship in your church.

So what is your worship style?  Listen to this week’s podcast and discover yours now…